Our Working Groups

Perth City Leadership Forum organises its activity through a network of voluntary working groups with the chair of these working groups sitting on the main board of the Forum and resporting back progress.

The working groups comprise of leaders from across the city, with genuine areas of interest and specialist knowledge in the working group remit.

If you are interested in getting involved in a working group, please use the form at the foot of this page to get in touch.

Shaping a Growing City

Working Group Chair: Nick Rowan

Priorities / Workstreams

  1. Perth biodiversity capital of Scotland
  2. Wild Connections
  3. Reflecting Carbon Positive ambitions and linked to the “most sustainable small city in Europe” vision
  4. “Shaping a Growing City” workstream

Zero Carbon Perth

Working Group Chair: Alan Caldwell

Priorities / Workstreams

  1. Powering Perth Project: Private Energy Grid
  2. Establish a climate commission
  3. Prepare Zero Carbon Road Map
  4. Advance Citizens Climate Assembly
  5. Establish Programme of Sustainable Perth Events (annual conference with regular, topic related enagement

Connected City – Transport & Digital

Working Group Chair: David Howe

Priorities / Workstreams

  1. Low carbon travel Perth
  2. Green Christmas 2021
  3. Digital Hubs
  4. Climate Assembly – How we connect
  5. Demand Responsive Transport

Inclusion & Social Justice

Working Group Chair: Gareth Ruddock

Priorities / Workstreams


Enterprise & Prosperity

Working Group Chair: Iain Hutchison

Priorities / Workstreams

  1. Skills & Youth
  2. Rural Perthshire
  3. Promotion
  4. Infrastructure & Support
  5. Geothermal Pilot Heating Project

Revitalising the City Centre

Working Group Chair: Dawn Cotton Fuge

Priorities / Workstreams

  1. Buildings
  2. Linking of the historical and the cultural
  3. City centre housing provision
  4. Re-thinking of parking provision
  5. Repurposing empty shops
  6. City centre promotion
  7. Education in the city centre
  8. Replacements for department stores
  9. City centre events

Rural Community

Working Group Chair: Jackie Brierton

Priorities / Workstreams


Youth Forum

Working Group Chair: Thomas Kinney-Nicol & Alyxs Dellaquaglia

Priorities / Workstreams


Perth Ambassadors Network

Liaison: Steven Stewart