Enterprise & Prosperity

Our Purpose: Make Perth the best for business

Our Aspiration: Greater prosperity, resilience, opportunities & sustainability

The Impact: Improved quality of life, inspire the world.

How will we achieve this?     

  • choice, inclusion, equality
  • increasing jobs (esp. high quality positions)
  • quality business growth, attraction & creation
  • youth skills enhancement
  • business & education collaboration,
  • great infrastructure & promoting Perth’s attributes
  • mobilising rural “business army”

What do we need to achieve this?

  • business hub for high growth & networking
  • skills academy
  • co-ordinated tactics & PR across all business support organisations.

What does success look like?

Sustainable, significant growth of enterprise & prosperity in Perth. The must have address for sustainability in UK, then beyond with upper decile employment stats, quality of life, business premises, business support, Finance access, energy use, circular economy, inclusion & opportunities.

Our Working Group Structure

We are currently structuring our working group as follows:

Skills & Youth – Steve Petrie

Nashville skills academy type approach to allow collaboration between business, education and youth to provide a skilled, valuable workforce.

Rural Perthshire – Jackie Brierton

Perth’s greatest opportunity as communications enters a new age with 5G and satellite. The rural workforce in could exceed the value generated by the city. Perth refers to everything Perthshire. Encourage people to focus on the goal, not the name. A networking centre offers cohesion, focus and support.

Promotion – awaiting confirmation

No point in being brilliant if no one knows. PR about Perth. Cross co-ordination with PLCF workgroups & other entities (Chamber of Commerce, Business Gateway, Invest in Perth, Perth Business Network etc) to leverage resources and avoid duplication. Capitalise upon Ambassador network to share information and promote the attributes of Perth.

Infrastructure & Support – Vacant

Give businesses an excuse to locate to Perth with networking hub for peer to peer. Scotland’s perfect centre for rural business collaboration. Combine with third sector to promote inclusion. Timely advice to those on a high growth journey provides resilience and assists continued sustainable success.

Geothermal pilot heating project – Vacant

Decarbonise heat (60% of UK energy use) via subterranean heat (>4000 feet depth). Huge. Cross workgroup collaboration, leverage Perth’s world leading drilling skillset.

Meeting Minutes

Enterprise & Prosperity Workgroup 25th January 2022 – minutes