Zero Carbon Perthshire

Perth: a carbon positive city?

In this decade like no other in tackling the climate and nature emergencies, the Zero Carbon Working Group will promote and deliver a series of game changing projects to drive down carbon emissions for Perth and Perthshire. We will do so by encouraging the private sector to identify and invest in the vision of Perth becoming the most sustainable small city in Europe. We are working alongside Perth & Kinross Council who have a critical role to play in ensuring that rules, regulations and policy support our journey to a carbon positive Perthshire.

Priorities / Workstreams

  1. Powering Perth Project: Private Energy Grid
  2. Establish a climate commission
  3. Prepare Zero Carbon Road Map
  4. Advance Citizens Climate Assembly
  5. Establish Programme of Sustainable Perth Events (annual conference with regular, topic related enagement

Next Steps

  1. Project development under way with private and public (PKC partners)
  2. Discussion scheduled with PKC for 15th June
  3. Reference Item 2
  4. Reference Item 2
  5. First event scheduled for 1st July (catch up from all groups). Two more planned (suggestions to be discussed at Board…. city centre and transport as themes for the 1st Sept and 1st Oct with annual conference on Perth as Biodoversity capital of Scotland on 3rd Dec)