Alyxs Dellaquaglia

Alyxs is a Youth Worker at YMCA Tayside – a local charity that is passionate about empowering young people across Perth & Kinross. Alyxs has a first-class honours degree in Psychology and within her role at YMCA specialises in Health & Wellbeing. In addition to being a trained Fitness Instructor, she is also studying Nutrition. Within her role, she loves encouraging and supporting young people to create positive holistic life changes. She is a Scottish representative of the European YMCA Network Unify which hosts annual conferences to connect colleagues together for a common goal. Alyxs also supports YMCA’s youth ambassadors “Youth Voice”, which has a main goal of ensuring the young people of Perth & Kinross are heard by professionals. Within each platform Alyxs is involved with, people are passionate about local, national and global issues including Climate Change and Mental Health awareness. In her spare time, she enjoys running, swimming, hiking, travel and eating delicious food!