Perth: the most sustainable small city in Europe – what will it take?

Perth City Leadership Forum is an innovative network of local leaders who will shape our city and the wider region’s future.

We will do this by working to involve our own city in its future development, generating ideas,
encouraging ambition, developing practical solutions, and creating a fairer society.

It is our ambition to see Perth become the most sustainable small city in Europe as we work towards the implementation of the Perth City Plan.

As a volunteer network, comprising leaders from a diverse range of organisations from across the region, Perth City Leadership Forum is a dynamic collective of leading individuals that can ably work to explore, shape, develop and progress the Perth City Plan, collaborate with Perth & Kinross Council on advancing the Perth & Kinross Offer, and enable our city and region to maximise the opportunities created by the Tay Cities Deal.

The forum evolved out of Perth City Development Board, a voluntary body that was instrumental in developing a vision for the growth of the city and how that could be achieved through the public and private sector working together.

Why an ambition to become the most sustainable small city in Europe?

Our Purpose

Perth City Leadership Forum’s purpose is to:

~ Lead the conversation about how Perth can evolve and prosper;
~ Engage with the communities active within Perth and the wider region about their relationship with the city, developing a shared understanding for what needs to change and why;
~ Stoke a real sense of pride in Perth and the wider region, and promote belief in its ability to succeed as a small city;
~ Provoke debate about positive and the radical change required for a sustainable future, clarifying what we mean by sustainability and how this can be achieved;
~ Challenge the timeline for progress in a bid to do better, faster.

Your City Needs You

We seek individuals who demonstrate real commitment to the area and who are passionate about raising Perth’s profile as the first choice place to live and work in Scotland and the UK.